Building a custom website in Python 🐍

Hello everyone! Custom development is one of the most practical approaches for designing a website. In 2022, there are many open-source technologies at our fingertips to easily create your own website. In part one of this series, I'm going to outline the first step in building your own website: Choosing your tech stack.

What is a tech stack?

A tech stack is the group of technologies that will be used on a development project. Web development projects typically involve 2 parts: A frontend and a backend. The frontend consists of all of the visual elements of a website such as the design, layout, and iconography. The backend consists all of the 'server-side' technology - which manages the transfer of information between the user and the site itself.

F is for FastAPI

As a lover of Python, I decided that I wanted to use FastAPI for the backend. FastAPI is "a modern, fast (high-performance), web framework for building APIs". In other words, FastAPI handles all of the routing and communications between the client and the server. It's very user friendly and scalable.

A is for AlpineJS

When it comes to Javascript libraries, I've always thought that less is more. A good friend of mine posted about it one day and I was immediately drawn to how lightweight it was. Despite its small footprint, AlpineJS is very powerful and allows me to easily compose behavior in my markup.

T is for TailwindCSS

As someone who had relatively limited CSS experience, I think that TailwindCSS was a great way to start styling my site. This framework has a very robust community behind it, and is really simple to set up. One of the great features of TailwindCSS is that it scans your templates for the styles in use and then compiles the CSS to only include those styles. Tailwind is built with responsive first-in-mind. Did I mention that they have great documentation as well?

If you're really interested in building your own custom website, I recommend checking out all of these frameworks so that you're ready for the next part of this guide. Stay tuned!

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