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Adam Jones - Solutions Architect

I'm Adam
Nice to meet you.

As a Solutions Architect, I help clients leverage technologies in order to optimize and scale their businesses.

Adam Jones - Solutions Architect

What I do:

Project management for web design and development

I help clients discover, scope, and implement software solutions in order to reach their business goals. Currently, I employ these talents at Kustomer alongside an amazing team and product.

I have worn many hats throughout my career. Most recently, I provided marketing strategy and technical approaches to eCommerce companies at Barrel. I'm also a lover of data and a proud alumni of the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline.

Apart from my full-time commitments, I also support a select client base in building effective technical approaches for their business needs.

Origin story:

How I got here

I've always had a passion for technology ever since I got my first vTech computer when I was a child. As a teen, I used to make a few extra bucks jailbreaking iPhones and Playstation Portables 🤫.

Upon graduating from Middlebury College in 2013, I began to explore another passion of mine - second language acquisition. This lead me on a journey to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where I taught English and French to a variety of different age groups. I spent the next several years teaching English, improving my Spanish, and traveling across Central America.

After several years of teaching and living abroad, I settled in the Bay Area for a time, where I worked at a non-profit ESL school. Eventually, I decided to transition out of the classroom and into the marketing and tech space, so I started creating photo, video, and web content to promote our school...and here we are today!

My goal:

Never stop learning

I wanted to make this website in order to cultivate and share knowledge. I wouldn't be where I am today without the countless hours of mentorship and learning made possible by my peers (and strangers on the internet!) My hope is that if you've actually read through any of this content that it's provided some value to you. If you want to chat, connect, or collaborate - please don't hesitate to reach out!

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